Facing Fears

Let’s talk again about fear of failure.  I gave some tips to overcoming these fears here.  But I’d like to revisit this topic as I have been taking a lot of risks lately and facing my fears. I’m afraid of a lot of things.  I’m afraid that I’ll fail at everything I do.  This strong […]

GoFundMe Art Contest

Hey All!  I’m a new Boise Artist trying to get a start, and I would really love to enter into the Art and Soul Magic Valley contest this April.  I hope to enter the juried portion of the contest as well, and I need the entry fee, sponsor money, and jury fee.  I would love any help that I can get!  I know it’s last minute, but I need the funds by Feb 8.

If you would like to be my sponsor, the fee is $100.
Jury fee is $50
Entry fee is $80

The painting I’m entering is the featured photo for this Gofundme.

Here’s my artist statement so you know a little bit more about the kind of art that I do.

I am a new Boise artist that focuses on the psychological significance of art.  The theme of my work embodies free-flowing emotions, whether positive or negative, in observable form.  I am interested in how the psyche affects art and how it can be used as a form of therapy.  Just as the strokes of paint weave in and out and layer upon each other, the artist’s mind is interconnected with their work of art.  Some brush marks are like a clear and crisp thought, and others tangle throughout the painting, expressing a complex set of feelings. Each body of my work demonstrates this entanglement of the mind and the physical.  I am passionate about this concept as I use my own art as a method of growth and hope to touch others with the message that art is more than just a pretty painting; it is an emotional journey.

If you would like to support me, click here.


Getting it Out There

This past year has been an experiment to get myself out there creatively.  Blogging, sending my art to an organization asking if they could use it, putting my artwork online for people to see, starting a novel and posting excerpts. I’ve been extremely happy creating.  I would love to make a living doing just that, […]

Dog Therapy Day

Happy Saturday! It’s a gray and gloomy day, so here are some cute pics of our dog, because she’s just so adorable.  Everybody needs animal pictures in their life. This little weirdo likes all human food in existence.  She is watching intently for me to give her scraps of my food. She loves laying in […]

Coming Out Pt. 2

Awhile back I talked about how coming out helped me heal from an abusive relationship.  It was the beginning of coming into myself as a person.  It breathed new life into me.  The more I accepted my true self, the less the past mattered. I came out to coworkers and acquaintances first, then slowly began […]

Art Portfolio

Hi All,

I wanted some place to document my portfolio, so I began another WordPress site to host my art.  You’ll be able to peruse my art in an easier fashion than from going through my blogroll bit by bit.  I don’t have my own host site yet, but I plan on making that happen soon.

If you’re interested, it’s at krdawsonart.wordpress.com

I also provide links to it on the sidebar of my blog, and I’ll be posting links on social media as well as I publish more.

Thanks for checking it out!